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I hate disguising wheel fitment these days. It’s all anyone seems to care about. Forget power, handling and the overall driving experience. It seems that wheels are the end all for any car. I appreciate good stance as much as the next guy, but as time goes on I find that I’m judging cars less and less by it. There was a time when I was all over slammed and flush, but now I usually prefer more performance oriented styles. This STi, for example has some of the best fitment I’ve seen in a very long time.

For me it’s all about meaty tires nowadays. That doesn’t mean you can’t have wide, low offset wheels. It takes equally as careful planning to run an aggressive tire as it does to run a stretched setup. This type of look isn’t as eye catching as the current trends but it’s very satisfying from a form and function perspective. Many of you will disagree and that’s completely fine. But for me, this is the ideal look.



  1. Discussing* lol 😛

    Glad to see more people thinking alike! haha Well said though. It’s all boiled down to a competition of who can put wheels with the most insane specs on their car with blatant disregard for doing it correctly at the cost of function and performance. There’s hardly any acceptance left in the scene for any other method of modifying a car and people feel pressured to fit in. I think it’s pretty sad that it has come to this. I’m all for performance though and the meaty tires look is pure awesome because it’s actually functional. When I have the money to drop on some new wheels and tires, this is definitely the look I’ll be going for.

  2. I agree. The last like 2 years have been all about the “fitment game”. I think the hellaflush thing looks cool and looks aggressive, but as far as driving a car hard, which is what Subaru’s (and most platforms that are receiving hellaflush treatment are meant to do, S chassis, RX7s, Evo’s, Suby’s, etc.) were meant for.
    There will always be those dudes that go for fitment over function and I can respect that. It’s their car, they can mod as they please. But, its NOT the only way to mod and if you wanna drive your car hard, then it needs more tire/wheel clearance and wider tires.
    I saw this STi on NASIOC and loved it. It did get some respect from the Sooper Sooby Fitment crowd which is nice to see.

  3. if you take a look @, a lot of people there have been running wide, aggressive set ups like this one for years… you’ve just been spending too much time on NASIOC.

  4. I’m glad to see some like minded opinions on the subject. I know the economy has a direct effect on the current tuning trends. People just don’t have the money to do big builds anymore. Even my car has been on hold for about 2 years now.

    I think that fake wheels have had a big impact on making the fitment trend so popular. Ordering a set of genuine Japanese (or European) wheels is a process. Not only are they an extremely expensive investment, but they also take a long time to manufacture and ship. No one seems to have the patience to save their money and wait these days and knock-off companies have realized that and used it to their advantage. I can’t even count how many new brands have emerged that are exclusively selling stolen designs.

    When I was at the G35 meet I featured last week, I saw a car rocking a set of white Varstöen Series ES 2.2’s with Volk Racing stickers. The annoying part was that no even seemed to notice. The trend of rocking knock-offs has become the new standard and the more people that have them, the more it becomes accepted. I could rant all day about fake wheels and I’m sure you all feel the same. It’s not just about Rota anymore. There are many brands doing the same. Everyone wants to “fit in”, but at what cost? The feeling you get from putting a genuine set of wheels on your car, far outweighs the temporary satisfaction you’ll get from a set of knock-offs. At the end of the day, no matter how good the car looks, it’s still got fake wheels and there’s no hiding from that.

  5. Agreed. The only cars I don’t mind stretch tires on is drift cars and that’s only because I’ve always felt that drift cars should be equal parts show and go (if not 65% show…lol).

    I drive a Subaru and I never understood putting super stretched tires on one. It’s like wearing a racing suit, helmet, gloves, and patent leather loafers. It’s just wrong.

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