Black Series

I spotted a bit of a unicorn the other day. After grabbing some lunch in Tustin, I came across one of my favorite cars.

This is the first time I’ve ever had the chance to see the Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series in person. This is a car I’ve drooled over for a very long time. I’d easily trade up an M3 for the chance to own one someday. It is in many ways a DTM car for the streets. The Black is also equipped with the same epic V8 engine, found in Mercedes’ other AMG models.

I must say, the Black Series is incredibly discrete in person. I had to do a double take to realize it wasn’t any normal CLK. Once you begin to examine the car’s features though, it becomes quite a different animal. The wheel arches are the Black’s most defining feature and are a direct homage to the car’s racing roots. Unfortunately, I was armed with only an iPhone for pictures so this is the best I could do. They don’t do the car justice, it really is a glorious machine.



  1. Dude! Saw one of these in Newport Beach in Sept. Followed behind him (in our minivan unfortunately, family trip to Cali for a wedding) for a few stop lights. It was a silver one though. It was a C63. What a great V8 rumble. Did the BLACK come in Silver?

    1. Chris, are you sure it wasn’t just the C63 AMG? The Black can sometimes be confused with a C-Class but it is a CLK body (2-door only). It comes in 4 colors, I believe: black, red, silver and white. If you watch Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson reviews a silver one in Series 11 which happens to be his personal car.

  2. It was definitely a 2 door. Maybe it was just a C63, but it had the fender blisters, those same wheels, nice exhaust. Either way, rad cars! I’m not a big MB guy, but the 2 doors are wicked.

  3. saw this on weds in tustin as well! i was at the lowe’s at the district and was behind this for about a light.

    thought it was a regular c63 AMG until i saw those sexy fender flares.

      1. Things are going good. Conan’s brought you up a few times recently, in regards to photo shoots and such. What have you been up to, you graduate yet?

  4. haha not yet brotha, graduating 2012 due to my double major (taking a fifth year blowwwwss) keep up the good work yeah? lets grab some food with conando sometime

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