JUN’s Holy Grail

More than any other iteration of the Impreza, I think the bugeye has gotten better with age. When it was first released, many people were put off by the car’s unique looks. I’ve come across a number of sources claiming the car was never a popular looker with the Japanese audience. It gained fast fame in the United States for being the first turbo model of the Impreza on our shores. I’ve heard all kinds of characterizations about the appearance, even critics going so far as to compare it with the Dodge Neon. It’s only now, nearly 10 years later that people are beginning to appreciate the car’s looks and it has certainly matured with time. Now a bugeye in good condition can be a very sought-after car. I think from a tuning perspective, the car was always brushed aside for the lack of good aero options. It does indeed come from an era where spocom and HIN ruled the industry. I guess you could say it’s the most “ricer” of the Impreza family. On the contrary, there are quite a few great aero looks for the car. One of which is the holy grail of front bumpers for the GDA, produced by JUN Auto.

While most GDA owners (myself included) tend to settle for run-of-the-mill front lips produced by Prodrive and STi, some have invested the patience and money into owning one of JUN’s very rare front bumpers. While it’s still “available” today, each bumper is made to order and production can involve wait times of up to a year. It takes a special kind of enthusiast to go to the trouble of owning a JUN bumper.

It’s a beautiful piece of engineering. It enhances the looks of the car by adding some substance to the front end. I’ve always felt the OEM bumper for the GDA was a bit finicky. It looks good in some cases, but it was always lacking. The massive air ducts on the front and sides of the JUN bumper allude to the racing pedigree of the design. It was originally produced for JUN’s famed Super Lemon WRX, one of the fastest Subarus (even today) to lap Tsukuba Circuit.  While the track version of the GDA included an additional front splitter and canards, the shop’s street version is essentially the same one used on the Super Lemon.

It’s always been a dream of mine to run a JUN bumper on my own car and try to recreate the same front splitter and canard setup seen on the Super Lemon above. The additional aero pieces were never sold by JUN, but recreating theme isn’t out of the realm of possibility. This bumper represents everything that is great about all cars. Each and every car has some sort of highly sought-after part that only a few owners can claim ownership of. With the Evo, it seems to be a genuine Ralliart front lip and for the bugeye Impreza, it’s the JUN front bumper.



  1. Bugeye owners unite! 🙂 Love the JUN Super Lemon. I wish who ever owns it (does JUN still own it?) would give it an oil change, fresh brake fluid and make more runs during the Time Attack season. I’m sure it could be fine tuned to make a run at the Tsukuba record. I was thinking about my own bugeye and what front end treatment it could use as its totally stock right now.

  2. Amazing!!!! The silver one is mine lol. I check this blog every so often and was like wtfffff. Couldn’t agree more about the desire to recreate that amazing machine! I always wanted to track down the same JUN lemon yellow paint code as people do with the TopSecret gold color and built that car, one-off splitters and all. I especially like the base-covers on the SARD wing. The hood is just cutting up an RS hood, NACA ducts, and cut up a stock wrx hood scoop to make the reverse cowl. One of the most menacing bugeyes ever created.

    Last I heard the whereabouts of the JUN super lemon GDB it was up for sale, and in storage at Trial Tuning Spirit garage.

    Amazingly the JUN car held the Tsukuba lap record at 56′ seconds with *only* 582hp. Insanely well engineered piece of machinery. The HKS all carbon TRB-02 (‘Tsukuba Record Breaker-02’) and SUN CyberEvo needed over 200 horsepower extra to beat the JUN WRX by barely a second.

    John @ bugeyegarage.wordpress.com

    1. Do you happen to be silverF4turbo on NASIOC? If so we’ve talked a bunch man. My username is Cusson. I was posting about your JUN bumper just last week!

      I checked out your blog a couple days ago, it’s great. Lots of really nice pictures and some of my favorite bugeyes from back in the day.

      I saw a video on YouTube last year of the JUN Impreza getting a retune and the description said that the car was for sale. Kind of a shame really, it’s such a legend. JUN never seem to keep any of their old demo cars though. I’m sure money is tight plus Koyama-san left to start his own shop. I’m not sure how I would even go about recreating the spoiler on the car’s front bumper. I wonder if JUN ever kept the original drawings or anything? You have any info on that since you wanted to do it yourself?

  3. Kinda cool to see on of my Pictures on this awesome blog : )
    thats my buddy T.G with his awesome tracktool.

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