Mobile Suit

One of the cool things about being into Japanese cars is that it always seems to lead into other aspects of the culture. Long before I had a driver’s license, I was hooked on anime. I remember watching Toonami on Cartoon Network every single day after school to follow 2 of my favorite shows: Dragon Ball Z and Gundam Wing. I would spend hours drawing the characters and mobile suits and I still have all my old sketchbooks full of the stuff. I’ve seen many of the other Gundam series’ but Gundam Wing still remains my all-time favorite.

I was at the gym last night and ‘Just Communication’ by Two-Mix came on my iPod. I got super pumped and realized how much of a dork I still am!



  1. You like Gundam Wing too?! ZOMG!! It was my favorite childhood tv show ever!!! Trowa was my favorite Gundam pilot, and Epyon was my favorite mobile suit.

    1. I used to have all the Gundam models back in the day. That’s when they were super hard to find because it wasn’t popular yet in America. I could never get them to look as good as they did on the boxes though LOL. I always wanted to paint the battle scars but it always came out a mess. Favorite Mobile Suit, by far is Heavyarms Custom. Favorite pilot, I’m not sure. Duo and Quatre were kind of the only non-emo characters on the show LOL. Zechs was always a badass because of the helmet. I thought it was lame when he took it off in ‘Endless Waltz’.

      1. I should totally dig up all the models and action figures I have in my drawers back home, lol. I was so excited when those model kits came out. You can imagine my shock when I got my first one and opened it up to find out that you had to assemble everything. HAHA I used to have almost all the ones from Wing, but I traded them with my friends, so now I have a bunch from random series. Man, I remember the days when I would get home from school and rush to the TV so I wouldn’t miss an episode. If I was going to miss one, I would beg my parents to buy me VHS tapes so that they could record it for me. LOL I feel so old now… šŸ˜¦

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