Starting Grid

This picture reminds me of a scene from Initial D. All the cars are lined up on the summit of Mt. Akina, waiting to do their tandem runs to the bottom. That most surely isn’t the case here, but it’s nice to imagine.

One of my favorite bugeyes holding it down in the front. The owner has gone through literally 4 or 5 sets of Volks since his car started popping up on the forums.



  1. my site is crap, love your wordpress theme were id dyou get it? what is the front bumper on this bugeye as if i could get that i would probably sell my sti classic track car and buy a bugeye.


    1. Thanks Gareth!

      The theme is one of the WordPress presets. I made the header myself on Photoshop. As for the GDA in the picture, it’s actually a bit of a custom job. The font lip is an STi V1 with a modified “wide body” OEM front bumper. The car’s fenders are also custom. It’s one of my favorite privately-owned Japanese Imprezas!

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