As far as the Impreza goes, this car is from the Jurassic Period: the Trial TRY-R.

Trial has always been known for their “unique” approach to aero. At the time this car was dressed in the latest fashions, now not so much.

Look at that wing! The Super Advans are my favorite aspect of the TRY-R’s exterior, definite throwback.



  1. I think the wheels are an original Trial design. At first I was thinking they are Zelda’s but the Zelda doesn’t have split spokes. The center of a Super Advan Racing V1 had a fake center nut.

  2. This car actually lives local to me now the owner a member of the local Subaru club, i’m hoping to get some shots at some point 🙂

  3. Pretty sure those are Trial rims also. This car was ugly back than. It seems even more uglier and out of date looking now.

  4. Haha still love it minus the wing. Looks like an R34. I remember this car from its feature the “Impreza” video back in the day (2002?)… car has EL headers and is LOUD. Wheels are the Trial Triforce wheels iirc (someone has a Zelda fetish going on).

    All the shop-owned JDM tuner cars end up in England these days (where this car now is I believe) 😛


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