Often Overlooked

My friend Josh hit me up earlier today about the Mature Impreza. Mature is one of my favorite Japanese Subaru tuners. They make some of the best looking aero kits on the market and most people seem to forget about them. I was checking out their site earlier today, mainly investigating to see if they still made their kit for the GDA and to my pleasant surprise, they do! Like all serious aero kits, it’s a love or hate look but I think it’s easily one of the best on the market for the bugeye.

Now this isn’t the kind of setup most people would want to run on the street. That front splitter would be hard pressed to clear any sort of driveway or speed bump, but you can’t deny how aggressive it looks. I think the Mature aero is right at home on any track build and I’d definitely consider it for my own car depending on the circumstances.

My favorite Mature piece has always been their carbon rear diffuser. It has a very similar appearance to the HKS Kansai diffuser which is pretty popular in the Subaru community. The advantage with the Mature piece is that it’s designed specifically to fit the GDA’s rear bumper, where the Kansai (if I’m not mistaken) needs to be modified because it’s only for sale for the GDB. The large fins are very reminiscent of the stuff you’d find on cars hanging out at the paddock of Tsukuba Circuit. I have every intention of getting a diffuser for my WRX within the next couple of years and the reason I haven’t is because I can’t seem to decide between Mature or HKS Kansai!

Here’s the Mature GDA in action at Hyper Meeting a few years ago. As far as I know, the wide fenders are custom, since they’re not for sale on the company’s website. The front bumper has also been modified to match the front fenders. I’ve heard so many people complain about the lack of exterior options for the bugeye over the years. There are plenty of choices, you just need to know where to look.

Mature Online Shop.


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