Abarth Sighting

It’s always a guarantee you’ll see cool cars, out and about in Hong Kong. The cost of owning a car in Hong Kong is double what you’ll find in the US, so you have to be pretty wealthy to buy one. I’ve never been to a place with more M3’s and GT-R’s driving around. One night I was heading into Central in a taxi and we passed 5 GT-R’s in 15 minute period. My first week in Hong Kong I came across this interesting sight. It’s Fiat’s tuned 500, the Abarth.

I’ve always wanted to see one of these cars in person. I counted on seeing one at the LA Auto Show in November, but it wasn’t there (unfortunately). I took some time to look the car over and it’s a great piece of kit. I’d highly consider owning one if I lived in the middle of a big city and just needed a little run around. The Abarth has lots of nice little details that separate it from the standard Fiat 500. I hope these are coming to the US, I’d love to drive one, I bet they’re a riot.


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