Most of the cars you’ll find in Hong Kong are big money. Everytime I visit I come across some of the coolest Porsches. In the same parking lot as the Fiat Abarth, I saw this jewel.

The picture seriously doesn’t do the car justice. Had I been armed with the right camera, I would’ve taken more. This has got to be one of the most pristine 964 Turbos I’ve ever seen. It was in immaculate condition and looked as though it had just rolled off the showroom floor. I always wonder who owns these cars. In Hong Kong it’s usually some rich businessman that’s driving the car purely for the badge. People there seem crazy about names and badges. I see so many cars with upgraded badges like “AMG” and “M” that don’t even deserve them. I guess I’m a culprit myself with some undeserving “STi” badges on my WRX. It would be hard for me to own a fast car if I lived in Hong Kong because there aren’t the roads or speed limits that would allow you to really enjoy it. Still, it’s nice to see.


One comment

  1. Beautiful, sheer stunning extravagant classic with absolute hubris and humble taste. Excellent!

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