As if the looks of the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG weren’t aggressive enough already, VRS has 3  new aero options for the car.

VRS is the European styling division of Varis and they’ve already gotten their name out with original parts for a range of BMW models. At last year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, VRS debuted their C63 AMG demo car complete with an original front lip, trunk spoiler and rear diffuser skirt.

As with anything made by Varis you can expect the upmost attention to detail and near perfect fitment. The VRS front lip looks right at home on the C63 AMG, so much so it could be mistaken as OEM by some.

The rear diffuser skirt and trunk lip add a nice touch of carbon to the exterior.

Mercedes-Benz have definitely be giving their AMG division more attention lately and I’m beginning to see more and more on the road. The C63 still isn’t nearly as common as the M3, but it’s nice to see Japanese manufacturers creating new parts for the car. The VRS C63 AMG will be at Fuji Speedway along with the Sunbeam M3 for Euro Club Sport Meeting on January 22.

Photos courtesy of Varis.


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