GT-R’s Of Tokyo Auto Salon 2011: Part II

Tokyo Auto Salon is truly the best place to check out the automotive tuning trends of the year to come. While performance tuning remains relatively the same, exterior styling is ever changing. Many of this year’s GT-R’s came wearing some very interesting clothing, but on the whole most remained in relatively stock form.

M7 is a newcomer within the last couple years, but they’ve made a quick name for themselves with the help of a Malaysian entrepreneur as one of the guiding forces of the company (IIRC). They had plenty of new parts to showcase for the GT-R, amongst other makes and models.

Phoenix’s Power has been at the forefront of Japanese tuning for years now. By offering completely road legal power packages without sacrificing performance, it’s only natural that they’ve become one of the more popular GT-R shops in Japan. Not to mention all of their GT-R’s are really tastefully built. I believe they had 3 on display this year. I’d like to try and find pictures of them all.

The HKS GT-R’s were holding things down at the Advan display this year. The GT600 was on display showing off the company’s Superior Spec R exhaust.

This is probably my favorite GT-R of the show. The HKS GT-R is sporting some insane looking aero as well as a set of Advan TCIII’s, wrapped in beefy A050 tires. There was a time when cars like this made up a majority of Tokyo Auto Salon. Can you tell I’m not thrilled by the direction the industry is moving in?

Pro Shop Screen’s GT-R looking pristine.

While the HKS GT-R might be my favorite of the show, the Mine’s GT-R could be my favorite, period. The attention to detail and tuning philosophy of Mine’s is really unmatched by anyone else. The quality of their parts is top tier and they still make my favorite front lip out of any other manufacturer. It’s good to see them at the show this year.

Well that about does it for my GT-R coverage of Tokyo Auto Salon. I think I’ve pillaged Car Watch enough for this year. I’m quickly starting to realize that I may need to be updating A Class soon. The format has become extremely dated and I’ve gotten all of one complaint that my pictures are too small. It could be a nice project for the coming months anyway, we’ll see.

Photos courtesy of Car Watch.


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