I’m still not even sure this is real.

It looks like a still frame from some video footage. Regardless, that’s a very nice rear end.



  1. Dude! I love this shot. It’s my current background desktop and was for months before that. I love the white on blue, the rear aero, the flame of course and running through the touge. Perfect!

    1. It’s a cool picture Chris. I just can’t fully be on board until I know that flame is for real LOL. The HKS Kansai is my favorite rear diffuser. I’m definitely digging the 04/05 tail light swap as well. Wheel fitment is good, but it’s a little too Hypebeast/HellaFlush for me. I’d also apply the word touge very conservatively in conversation. I think it’s really reserved for a special kind of mountain road, specifically found in Japan. But then again I’m just very anal about such things LOL! 😀

  2. The hell!!! That looks insane! Not sure over how real the flame looks. A bit of photoshopz for me. Fitment however! MADNESS! Not very practical. but waking up in the morning and seeing that in your drive? boom.

  3. Cusson its real man. I know the owner and hes down to earth, The car makes crazy power and it was at Subiefest. Check my flickr out for more pix of this car. His name is Will.

    1. It’s a little hard to tell, but I think you’re right Chris. Now that I’ve paid more attention, it does look more like the Matura diffuser.

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