Sunday Subarus

Here are a few awesome bugeyes to get your week started. Notice they all have something in common.

This is some old school steez right here. If I’m not mistaken, this car is owned by Tommy of GST Motorsports and formally Gruppe-S. This car was it back in the day. It had all the bases covered, from the STi parts to the upgraded VF34 turbo, to the Volk TE37’s. I remember first seeing this car around the end of 2004 and being in awe.

I love Chargespeed carbon brake ducts. They look so good with every front end setup I’ve seen them paired with. The V2 STi lip is no exception. This is just a clean bugeye in general. I’d love to see more pictures of it.

Sedona Red Pearl, one of my favorite colors. My friend Nat used to have an SRP bugeye and trust me, no pictures of this color do it justice. I need to dig up some pictures of his car. It was very similar to the one above. The gold CE28N’s are pretty much the default wheel for this color Impreza.

This is Nasif’s car and it’somewhat of a legend. Something on the car ended up catching fire and it unfortunately, burnt to the ground. I’m going to dig up some more pictures of Nasif’s car this week. It’s was a really awesome build. Only the best parts were seen on this Impreza.


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