Why Gold Is Better

What does it take to go the extra mile? How do you build relationships and keep customers coming back? You take care of them and you make them feel special. The reason I’m posting this is to show you just why Benny Gold is better than nearly every other brand out there.

I ordered two t-shirts online the other day. Not only were they shipped to me immediately, but I was greeted by all this extra stuff when I opened my package today. I have never gotten so many stickers at once. There are literally 30 in that pile. You’d be paying $15 extra for the same thing anywhere else. On top of all that I got the super cool San Francisco pocket guide, Wrenched. There are many contributors including Benny Gold himself, showcasing some to the coolest things to see and taste in the city. It’s also filled with some great photography and artwork.

Now some of you may think I’m going over the top with this. You’re probably thinking “it’s just some stickers and a free hotel brochure”. Well, maybe you’re right. But these are the kinds of things that I really appreciate. He didn’t have to give me a damn thing but the receipt. This is the kind of experience that’s going to keep me supporting brands like Benny Gold for years to come. He’s a guy that really cares about his customers and even though we’ve never met, he’s made me feel as though I’ve gotten hooked up like a friend would. That says a lot in this day and age, where nothing comes free. Make sure to check out Benny Gold’s winter collection. He’s got some of the freshest clothes in the industry.


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