Red Is The New Green

I’m not a fan of this red wheel business. I noticed an alarming number of cars with red wheels at Tokyo Auto Salon and it’s just not doing it for me. The Japanese tuning industry is really funny. Once one shop does something that’s considered cool, another shop follows suit, and before you know it the whole industry wants a piece. That’s kind of what happened to “time attack style” wheels a couple years ago. They blew up so fast that they were out of style almost right away. I’m noticing a similar trend with the new Volk TE37 SL’s. But if you didn’t already know, Rays Engineering (along with Option Magazine) basically own the tuning industry in Japan. It’s why you see Seibon products on the HKS Kansai Service cars. Rays is in cahoots with Seibon because they collaborated on a “Seibon Edition” Volk Racing wheel, a few years ago. Tuning shops don’t have much control, especially the smaller ones. In a tough economy like this, they follow the pack in order to keep their name in the spotlight. It all sounds very much like an old gangster movie. Well you have to remember: The tuning industry started with Bosozoku (younger Yakuza members) so it’s roots are still planted there, to some degree, whether we’d like to admit it or not.

I’ve gone completely off topic here. We’ll save the politics of the industry for another time. The real reason I got into a discussion about red wheels, is because not too long ago it was all about green wheels. I came across this WRX rocking a set of custom, neon green Work CR Kais.

I’m sort of digging the C-West front lip on this WRX. It works really well because of the rear wing and diffuser. A nice little track setup here.

The last time I saw this car, it was for sale. Not sure if it ever did sell or who the new owner is. Green definitely wouldn’t have been my choice in wheel color because I just don’t care for colored wheels. I guess in this case it works because of the flashy aero pieces. It’s definitely not supposed to look like a street car.

That becomes even more apparent when you have a look at the engine bay. Reversed intake manifold and I believe, a rotated turbo kit from Element Tuning. I guess you can rock colored wheels when your engine bay looks like that!



  1. Red wheel hater. Ok, Jay. LOL!!! Nah, I feel the same way. But those green Kai’s do look pretty good on silver.

  2. This WRX looks fantastic, and that C-West lip meshes really well. What brand spoiler is this?

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