Cusco Retrofit

I’m hoping to get the next part of my visit to Omori Factory up this week, maybe even later today. In the meantime, here’s something that’s really badass.

A Cusco front lip, retrofitted to a bugeye WRX. Pretty sweet right? These are some really old pictures and I’ve been lusting over this car for the last 5 years. I’m not sure whatever happened to it? It’s been years since I’ve heard any updates or seen any pictures, besides the ones I already had.

I really wanted to do this at one point. I was all set to buy a Cusco front lip and a new front bumper. I had contacted a few different body shops to get some pricing. I decided in the end it wasn’t worth it. I was in college at the time and it would have been thousands to do it right and I just wasn’t prepared to drop that kind of money, on what was ultimately a front lip. Still though, I’d consider it in the future. I think the Cusco front lip looks right at home on a bugeye. It makes the front end look really aggressive. The boxy edges of the lip are a nice contrast to the round headlights and fog lights.

The craftsmanship is pretty spot on. Obviously the lip isn’t going to fit perfectly, but they did a really nice job of incorporating it into the front bumper. Apart from that seam about three quarters up the side, the rest of the lip has been seamlessly bonded with the bumper. The whole car is nicely done and that’s why the Cusco lip works so well. The CE28N’s, projector headlights and STi front grill all work together in harmony. I’d love to see someone else do this to their car. It would definitely make a statement and be very unique.


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