I was on Flickr, checking out COBB Tuning’s page and I came across this badass WRX.

The car is owned by Matt Kincaid and tuned by COBB Tuning Surgeline in Portland. This WRX has been built and rebuilt over the years and it’s current goal is to hit 9 seconds in the quarter mile. It’s a great looking Subaru and one of the best looking drag cars I’ve seen.

A lot of people aren’t into the Greddy Gracer front lip, but I think it fits Matt’s car perfectly. I also like that they haven’t painted it to match.

The matte grey paint is the perfect offset to all the carbon bits. The 04/05 rear end swap is also a welcome addition to the car. I always felt the rear bumper, fenders and tail lights were a bit soft on the GDA. One of the great things about Matt’s WRX is that he’s taken the time to update the looks along with the car’s performance. Now obviously it isn’t going to be used to get the groceries but it’s nice to see the owner clearly has a knack for styling cars and it definitely shows through. This is an example of the type of car I’ve been discussing a lot lately; the all-around build. The kind of thing you don’t see too much of anymore.

Photos and video courtesy of COBB Tuning.


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