F50 GT

Everyone knows about the Ferrari F40. It’s one of my favorite cars ever. Watch last week’s episode of Top Gear and you’ll see why. But what about it’s lesser-known successor, the Ferrari F50 GT?

If you’ve ever played Project Gotham Racing or Forza Motorsport, than you know that the F50 GT is one of the fastest, most lethal cars in the games. It’s been one of my favorite Ferraris for a long time and if given the chance to own any Ferrari, I’d probably have to go with the F50 GT. The car was built in 1996 and originally intended to compete in the FIA GT Championship (then called the BPR Global GT Series). It never ended up racing, nor did it go into production, making it one of the rarest of all Ferraris. Only 3 were ever sold to the public.

The 4.7L V12 produces 750 HP and sounds like a proper Ferrari should. If any of this information is sounding familiar, it’s because I totally got it off Wikipedia! Who cares? I saved you the trip of going there to look the car up after reading this post. Anyway, a bit of a departure from the usual, but I’ve spent most of the morning reading about the upcoming Formula 1 season and I had Ferrari on the brain.


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