I haven’t bothered to go on the forums in over a week. Nothing is really happening in the Subaru community or any car community for that matter. Japan is a wreck and rightfully so. I’m pretty tired of hearing about the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants. There’s so much else happening in Japan and it seems all the news is interested in doing, is reporting on another disaster that hasn’t even happened yet. What about the Japanese people, how are they holding up?

It’s unsurprising that the guys from Team Orange are my favorite drifters. Kumokubo in particular, would have to be at the top of my list. I used to read his editorials in Subiesport years ago. He was always so positive and excited about sharing the sport and bringing it to new audiences outside of Japan. Well if you know anything about Kumokubo, then you know his family owns Ebisu Circuit, which was unfortunately hit by last week’s earthquake. To my knowledge, no official statement of how bad the damage is, has made it’s way out yet. If this picture is any indication, things aren’t the greatest.

What I’ve found most interesting about the Japanese is their attitudes towards the whole situation. They’re not sitting around asking for help or giving interviews about how terrible things are. They’re moving forward. It’s a long road ahead and not an easy one, but they’re on their way. Their ability to maintain social order is also what’s astounding. To many, what seems like the perfect justification for complete chaos, is not happening. You don’t see stories on the news about the Japanese robbing and murdering each other. They’re sticking together and living with civility. It’s something we can all take note of. What’s done, is done and they’re moving on. Yes it’s a very fatalistic mentality, but not a bad one to have; especially if you believe everything you read.


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