Bronze, The New Gold

It’s been a while since I posted up a car for the hell of it. Although I didn’t find them there, these pictures are clearly from Global Auto’s website.

In terms of styling, nothing is of my tastes. The Do-Luck bumper doesn’t really suit this car. However, what did catch my eye, were the bronze Advan RG’s. I’ve never seen RG’s in that color before. They look dope!

That’s more like it, probably the best view of the car. I’m really loving those wheels. The RG’s have been moving up the list lately, as one of my favorite wheels. I’ve been trying to see if I can source a set with concave fitment for the WRX. It’s highly unlikely, but you never know.

Photos courtesy of Global Auto.



  1. Call me crazy but Bronze RG has never existed. I think those are Wedsport rims. I could be wrong.

    1. Honestly not sure man. I zoomed into the original picture and I could swear they’re RG’s. Good possibility they’re just painted. I thought the same thing as you though, never seen any bronze Advans before LOL.

      1. hmm really interesting… I know RG’s came silver-gold-white… tbh I forget if it came bronze. RG2/D’s come bronze but… those REALLY look like Advan RG’s lol

        Wedsport don’t look like Advan RG’s (but some models like the S.A.’s have a blue band)

        Black Racing Pro N1 only looks like non concave Advan RG’s (but has no blue band)

        This really peaked my interest for some reason… : P

  2. Yeah…weird. I swear they are Wedsports. I looked a little bit online because I’m a wheel nerd but…. Lol ! I need to work on getting a life.

    1. I also came across the Black Racing wheels after searching for about 30 minutes (30 minutes too long) LOL. I wasn’t convinced they were the ones. You think so?

      I wish Global Auto still had this car up on their site. I’d just look at the mod list LOL!

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