Varis In Development

Amidst rolling blackouts, Varis seems to be hard at work on their new aero for the GVB Impreza. I was reading their blog earlier today and came across pictures of the work in progress.

If there’s one thing this car needs, it’s a front lip. The GVB version of the STi V-Limited lip hasn’t really caught my attention. The Varis design on the other hand, seems to be doing the front end rather nicely. I can’t want to see the finished product.

Varis has also been working on the car’s new side skirt design.

So far I really like how everything is looking; not over the top, subtle but aggressive. A while back, Varis released a rendering of how their GVB aero will look on the car.

More aero companies should put some attention into the GVB. I wonder if Voltex is going to do something this time around? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Photos courtesy of Varis.



  1. That car is hella sick. I’m gonna go to Global RallyCross this weekend in Irwindale (if you haven’t heard, ) and get further inspired! I need a good job! haha!

  2. in the rendering the front lip cuts in in the middle =ugly. in the actual pic it runs straight across giving it a lower more aggressive look. they should leave it.

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