Thursday Random

Maybe this has already been mentioned, but is Exciting Car Showdown still happening? Just curious since I know a lot of other events have been canceled or postponed.

On another note, I thought this was a proper way to start the day. The Rocky Auto carbon S30.

The engine bay almost looks better than the car, almost. Rocky Auto has been mesmerizing me lately with the level of craftsmanship in all their builds. They are definitely on my list of shops to visit next time I’m in Japan.

I’m not sure if anyone else was driving in SoCal during rush hour yesterday, but it was straight scary on the freeways. I was heading down to Dana Point and there was rain like I’ve never seen. Maybe I’m just getting soft from all the good weather we’ve been having lately. My buddy wrecked his G35 yesterday, spun out and hit a guardrail. Luckily he’s doing alright, but it’s looking like the car is totaled. He said he’s done with cars…lies.


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