Surprise, Surprise

I was tied up last night, so I wasn’t able to catch the Australian GP live. I’ve been carefully avoiding the internet, as to not ruin the results of the race, which I watched first thing this morning. It really comes as little surprise that last year’s reigning world champion took the top spot at today’s race. It’s difficult for me to pick a favorite Formula 1 driver. I like many of the unique qualities each driver possess. Vettel is certainly one of the most exciting to watch and I’m happy for his success. With first and second places determined for most of the race, it was the fight for third that was most fun to watch. Ultimately Vitaly Petrov was able to hold off Fernando Alonso to secure the spot.

Today’s race did leave me on the fence about a few things. Pirelli’s replaced Bridgestone as Formula 1’s tire supplier, after a 20 year absence from the sport. Their soft compound tires seemed to do okay for about 10-12 laps, but soon after became pretty useless. Everyone seemed to be having trouble with the company’s hard compound tires, which caused for a ton of pit stops. I’m wondering if Pirelli is going to address some of these issues throughout the season. The cars are also equipped with 2 new features, “to make racing more exiting”: an adjustable rear wing and the KERS system (back from the 2009 season). Both allow for a boost in power and higher speeds for overtaking, on designated parts of the track. I”m not sure if either of them seem to make that much of a difference. The adjustable rear wing seems especially gimmicky. A few teams like Lotus, chosen not to install either features on their cars. Lots of things to discuss and take a look at as the season goes on, but today was a good opener and left me excited for Malaysia in 2 weeks.

Photo courtesy of Sutton Images.


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  1. I’m not sure what I think of KERS/moving wing thing. They didn’t seem to do much and judging from RBR’s domination they were more of a hindrance.

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