It’s Not Crooked, It’s Supposed To Look Like That…

It seems like every car is coming with dual or quad exit exhausts these days. I’m not sure if I like it. The look suits European cars well. I can’t imagine an M3 or C63 AMG without those quad tips filling out their rear bumpers. The same doesn’t hold true for Japanese cars, specifically the STi and Evo. I don’t think either car looks good with the dual exhausts they come with, in fact I most admire those willing to ditch the “symmetrical” look for a proper N1-style cannon. One of the first things that drew me to imports back in the late 90’s was the outlandish exhaust sizes and exit angles. A lot of people think that look is ricer and does nothing more than attract a lot of unwanted attention. I say, so what? Don’t we all get into this scene because we want to show off and look cool? I’ll be honest with you, I love having a loud car that pisses people off. Yes, I’m that guy that makes his BOV go off just to get attention. I think it’s amazingly satisfying and if you’re a car guy and you deny also loving this, then you’re full of shit.

Sadly less and less people are going for the cool exhausts and opting for something a bit more subdued, that fits with the design of the rear bumper. Manufacturers beginning to recognize this, are catering to this market and producing less of the “ricer” stuff we all grew up with. I ask a lot of people (especially S2000 owners) why they don’t go with a single exit exhaust. The most common answer is that it won’t look clean because of the molding for a dual exit setup on the rear bumper. For Subaru and Mitsubishi owners, it’s a similar story.

Originally I was going to make this a short post about a new product for the GVB Impreza. That spawned into a whole separate rant, but I think it’s relevant. Fujitsubo supposedly has your back and they’ve noticed that people don’t want to run a single exit exhaust with a dual exit rear bumper. So they’ve come up with sort of a solution.

It’s simply called a bumper cover and it’s designed to clean up the look of running a single exit exhaust on the GVB Impreza. I’m not sure it’s the best solution. You can clearly see that someone has put a piece of plastic where an exhaust tip used to reside, but at least they’re trying.

The kit comes with a cover, some bolts and is probably easy to install. I just don’t know if it’s worth $110.22. That seems like a shit ton of money for something that’s not even painted to match.

I hope this will at least inspire more manufacturers to come up with solutions for the dual to single exit exhaust dilemma. I wish Subaru would respond by producing a replacement bumper, but you know that’s never going to happen. I also hope that people keep rocking N1-style exhausts and potential owners aren’t scared to. My first exhaust on the Subaru was made by a company called Strömung. It was a dual tip that looked very similar to the car’s factory exhaust. It sounded great, but the only reason I got it was because I was afraid of getting pulled over. About a year later I sold the Strömung and picked up my HKS Carbon TI, which I still have now.

I’ve never let fear or the law dictate anything else that has gone on my car. Life’s short and the amount of time we actually get to enjoy these cars is small. I really hope the trend of crazy exhausts sticks around. It’s one of the few styling features that no other car community has on us. It makes Japanese tuning truly unique.



  1. shame Subaru’s can’t just do a “bumper tuck” like the 350z guys + single tips. I almost think painted solid plastic cover (like solid fog covers for bugeyes) like would work better than black mesh… black mesh kind of draws your eye to it instead of away

  2. I’m not sure I am with you 100% on this. I don’t like dual exhausts on Evos, but I do like the GReddy quad for the STi… I also prefer the single exhaust look on the S2000s and Nissan Zs, however I don’t like the N1 style exhaust on GC, GD or GR Imrezas… Like you, I also have a blue WRX (an ’05 though) and I’m also sporting an HKS Carbon Ti which I got because it was just too much of a great deal. I thought it was just going to grow on me, but it has not, I’m looking for someone with a Greddy SP2 to make a trade or maybe sell it and get my favorite exhaust out there: the Invidia Q300… I don’t mind the sound of the HKS, I actually like it, I don’t hate the look either, I’m just getting older, I don’t want and I don’t need the attention (from cops, thieves or fellow enthusiasts) the HKS give my car, plus I’ve always liked the sleeper look/approach.

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