When The Rest Don’t Cut It

Just because a part is “meant” for another car doesn’t mean it can’t make itself at home on yours. Diffusers are definitely becoming more popular. Why? Because they look badass. 5 years ago, you would seldom see a car with any sort of a rear diffuser, now they’re everywhere. Despite the popularity of installing one, few manufacturers have risen to the market’s interest. For the Impreza, there are really only a few decent choices: Voltex, Varis and HKS Kansai. The Voltex is great, but everyone has it. The Varis and HKS Kansai (my favorite) diffusers aren’t as popular, but still pretty common.

William has great taste. I’ve posted his STi on here over the years and it’s never stopped evolving for as long as I can remember being part of the Subaru community. In his never-ending quest to keep his car unique, he went and did something a little bit different.

At first look, I thought it was the Varis diffuser. It’s actually an RE-Amemiya retrofit. The piece is normally found on the rear of an FD3S, but it’s made a great transition to the Subaru. It looks as if it were designed for the Impreza all along.

Retrofitting an aero piece from another car is nothing revolutionary. It’s been done many times before. But the cost and extra headache of pulling it off are what keep most people from stepping their game up. You always have to be thinking outside the box to keep yourself ahead of the pack these days. It can be pretty difficult. But when something like this is executed so flawlessly, you can’t help but be inspired.

I have to give photo props to my man Julian. Head over to his Flickr and check out some very pretty shots of his WRX wagon.


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