Paul Walker Knows His Roots

I just got back from watching Fast Five and after going in expecting nothing, I came out thinking it’s one of the best in the series. Like a lot of people have been saying, this one doesn’t have such an emphasis on cars, especially imports. I didn’t really see that as a bad thing. I think the tuning trends have moved well away from what we saw (and liked) in the first film and seeing that reproduced 10 years later wouldn’t have the same effect. I thought the cars in Tokyo Drift were over top and that was 5 years ago. This movie is a reunion of sorts and they’ve managed to cast nearly every major character from the series. It’s what makes Fast Five so entertaining. No matter which entry was your favorite, they’ve got you covered.

This is brainless action in it’s finest form. It’s the movie I look forward to seeing every summer.  Don’t expect it to win any awards or your girlfriend to like it, but it’s certainly worth a look. Make sure you stay until the end of the credits. Not sure how I feel about what you’ll end up seeing.



  1. LOVED the fact he drove a hakosuka. Wished they showed more of it, along with the two ‘eggs and LF-A. Was great entertainment reminiscent of Michael Bay.

    1. Earl, I like how we’re commenting on each other’s blogs at the same moment LOL! As soon as the Hakosuka came on screen, the movie gained instant credibility. I really wish there was more of it. But I couldn’t bare to watch it get smashed up like some of the other cars did. GVB STi FTW also!

  2. I thought it was a great movie. I’d even venture to say it was the best of the series. It doesn’t really bother me that the series is moving away from the focus on imports/street racing. After all, how many times can you show a street race and have it still be interesting or entertaining? I also quite liked the strong use of comedic elements in the movie. The exchanges between Don Omar/Tego Calderon and Ludacris/Tyrese Gibson definitely made the movie more enjoyable. Although there were the typical cheesy lines the F&F franchise is known for, I thought the acting was pretty good overall. I think I’d watch it again if I had the time.

    1. I agree with you Robert. It was a pretty solid action movie and I thought some of the shootouts and fight scenes were better than a majority of the car chases. I thought Dwayne Johnson was a good addition to the cast and I appreciated the humor, especially between Tyrese and Ludacris. That was one of the only good elements from the second movie and I’m glad they brought it in on this one.

      Gal Gadot was easily the finest chick in the movie. Han’s ending with her in the LF-A was perfect. It’s too bad we all know what happens to him LOL.

      1. i’m also glad they cut out the unnecessarily long “ten second” quarter miles since we know what’s going to happen anyways. i’m also glad they didn’t have some ridiculous driving scene into the parking lot. the street getaway was so original and much more memorable.

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