All Weekend

The weather was kind of gloomy all weekend, so it was good that there were plenty of sports to watch. Most of my Saturday and Sunday were spent watching Formula 1 and the NBA Playoffs. I missed the Pacquiao-Mosley fight on Saturday night, but I heard it wasn’t very exciting.

The biggest show of the weekend was an utter execution of the Lakers, yesterday afternoon in Dallas. I’m very disappointed in this team. Call it a lack of chemistry on the court, locker room drama, or maybe a roster of veteran players that have lost their steam; whatever the reason is, this team didn’t even bother showing up to yesterday’s beat down. The complete lack of class from Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum was disgusting. I’ve never cared for Bynum and his mouth and I think I’m not alone in saying, “get him the hell out of LA”.

It’s a real shame that Phil Jackson may have ended his NBA career with yesterday’s game. Most people believe Phil is done for good, but I have my suspicions they could coax him into another contract, if the price was right. Jackson is in a relationship with Jeanie Buss, the owner’s daughter, so I suspect he’ll continue to be closely involved with the organization, in one way or another. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but big offseason changes need to happen on this team’s bench. The group is getting old and it showed this season.

The Turkish GP was also yesterday. Unsurprisingly, Vettel took the top spot with Webber rounding out a Red Bull 1-2 finish. I’m really happy for Red Bull and all they’ve accomplished.

Everyone is comparing Sebastian Vettel to Michael Schumacher and they’re absolutely right. At this moment he seems unstoppable. If Lewis Hamilton even has a hope of taking him on this season, he and his crew are going to have to step it up. Hamilton had a rough pit stop during yesterday’s race, costing him precious time, but he still managed  to place 4th. Some would call this an achievement after a mostly dismal race, but I think he can do a lot better. It’s been a great season for Formula 1 and the racing has been very entertaining to watch. The new rear wing design and the addition of KERS has made for a lot of overtaking. After yesterday’s race I think we’re beginning to see the teams really exploiting the new technologies to their advantage.

Overall a great weekend for sports. I’m really looking forward to seeing how these NBA Playoffs will pan out. I’m pulling for the Bulls to go all the way.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images.



  1. Gonna missCoach Phil. Growing up in Chicago during the MJ era and being in LA during the Kobe era I feel pretty lucky. When I lived in El Segundo I would walk to work early in the morning and I would see Coach Phil in his Porsche with the top down going to practice. I always said “Hey Coach !” and he always waved back. Good memories. I hope he enjoys his retirement.

    1. That’s a great story. I hope he enjoys his retirement too, but I just got this feeling it’s not over yet. I mean this is classic Lakers drama LOL. Every season we get thrown for a loop. With the restructuring of the bench and a possible acquisition of Dwight Howard, I sense Phil will have a hard time staying away. Like any great competitor, a new challenge is always hard to turn down.

      One thing I won’t miss for sure is Kobe’s crying when it’s time for him to retire LOL.

  2. I just can’t compare Vettel to anyone….While he’s obscenely quick out in the open…I’ve never been amazed, remotely impressed even, by his ability to pass cars, work through traffic, fight through adversity. When you have by far the best car on track, it makes things a lot better.

    1. he can’t help it if there’s no one to pass :p but i feel rosberg is the same way, but in a slower car. he’s amazing in qualy but just can’t parlay that into race day performance. however, i would like to see the following happen in the future: webber to merc and have a team of elderly statesmen, the teaming up the young germans of rosberg and vettel at red bull. renault secure the lotus rights, and have kobayashi drive along with petrov. probably won’t happen but one can dream…

      i think kobayashi is underrated, and petrov is really getting the most out of the renault. really wish kubica was driving this season. hope he makes a full recovery.

      1. Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way. I’m not even sure it’s justified, but I feel bad for Webber.

        He’s been getting the short end of the stick all season. I still think there’s something going on with his car. Why isn’t his KERS working? Or does it work and he’s been instructed not to use it? Something’s going on in the Red Bull paddock. There’s also a less than cordial relationship going on between the team’s two drivers.

        It’s not like Webber has been doing bad either. He had an astonishing drive 3 weeks ago in Shanghai and a great second place finish this week. Which with Vettel on the track is as good as a victory.

        Hamilton really needs to get his shit together. Running off the fumes of this weeks podium, Ferrari are going to continue to step their game up and elbow their way into the running.

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