Hey, It’s Paul Walker At Mine’s

For anyone who’s feeling bummed about the recent events in Japanese tuning, all is not lost. There are still many great shops out there, doing big things. A slew of awesome blogs like 7Tune are working very hard on keeping the scene alive with motor sports and events coverage. So while things have seemed a little doom and gloom lately, I’m certainly guilty, there’s still a whole lot to be excited about! As long as there’s passionate people out there, the scene will live on (in one way or another).

This brings me back to 7Tune, where earlier they posted a feature on Paul Walker’s visit to Mine’s in Japan. Many scoff at Paul’s acting chops, but he’s a legit enthusiast and he knows his stuff. Here’s the video, courtesy of GT Channel.

First off, holy shit it’s Tarzan acting normal and speaking English! Maybe I’ve seen him in too many Option videos, but I had no idea the dude spoke the language so well!

I can’t believe this is my second post in a week, involving Paul Walker. It’s exciting to see a movie star who’s passionate about the import industry. I don’t know the specifics, but he has ties with AE Performance. That would explain why so many of their stickers were popping up in Fast Five. This is a guy who’s around cars all the time and genuinely loves everything about them. Visiting a Japanese tuning shop will make any car guy giddy and there’s no exception here. I love that Tarzan let him drive the Mine’s GT-R too!

I’d go so far as to say that Mine’s is one of maybe 5 shops in Japan, to occupy the top tier of aftermarket tuning. Their attention to detail and level of craftsmanship are so high, they more closely resemble a manufacturer-funded racing program. ASM and Powerhouse Amuse would be another couple shops to add to the top tier. All in all, the guy has good taste and I’ll certainly be making an effort to plan my own visit to Mine’s next time I’m in Japan.

Video courtesy of GT Channel.


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