Fix One Problem, Find Two More

I spent some time working on the WRX earlier today. I installed a new set of spark plugs, which it desperately needed. Those who have done it know; changing the spark plugs on an EJ motor is one of the most tedious and frustrating procedures you’ll perform on an Impreza.

After I finished, I spent some time looking things over. It’s been a while since I poked around under the hood of my car. I have a bit of a battery leak, so I’m glad to be replacing that in the next week or so. It’s making a mess out of my engine bay. If I leave it in there too much longer, the acid buildup is going to start eating away at everything in sight.

I also discovered that my HKS air filter is completely broken. The plastic base, that attaches to the intake pipe, has essentially caved in. I’ve never seen anything like this happen before, but if the cracked plastic were to break off it would be heading right into my turbo. I’ll post some pictures once I take it off the car.

If you’re in the market for an air filter or intake kit, avoid HKS. I hate to say it, but they’re shit. Mine has never impressed me. The filters need to be replaced within months because they get dirty so fast and the build quality is pretty horrendous. I’m thinking of just getting a K&N filter for now, does anyone have any suggestions?



  1. I have a 02 WRX and I have been using a K&N air filter for years. It has worked fine for me. I would suggest the K&N air filter if you were still running your stock air box.

  2. Yup, we killed a T51R Kai turbo on a 2JZ from an HKS filter breaking up. No bueno. And on the new one… Cobb with the airbox. honest 30 degree temp drop and the guy who designed it is really cool ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I use a K&N filter and K&N filter sock on my APS 70 CAI. I havn’t had any problems. However the AEM’s have the dryflow filters which you just wash and don’t have to oil. One less small pain in my opinion as I don’t have to wait for my filter to dry after i wash it to oil it.

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