Casa Blanca

Want your Impreza to be really JDM?  Do front and rear end swaps from one of these.

The Casa Blanca was essentially a non-turbo Impreza, built between 1999-2000. It was Subaru’s foray into reto-styled cars, which were very popular in Japan at the time. Just like the standard Impreza, the Casa Blanca was released as a 4-door sedan and a 5-door wagon.

Aside from some cheap chrome bits, the side profile is standard Impreza and pretty uninspiring.

Whichever era of automotive design the Casa Blanca is trying to emulate, I don’t think automatic wipers had been invented.

Apparently, the Casa Blanca was very popular amongst a select few. The car was only released in Japan, where there’s also an owners club. The guy in the plaid is stoked.

So who’s going to do a swap on their GC8?


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