Motor Sports Weekend

What a great weekend! From the 24 Hours of Le Mans, to Formula 1, to MotoGP, it was all about motor sports. I spent the better part of 12 hours on Saturday immersing myself in Le Mans coverage. Thank god for SPEED, despite all their NASCRAP coverage, they have a really solid international motor sports broadcasting team. I’m with everyone else in saying that it was an epic Le Mans this year and a very emotional one for Audi. After 2 horrific crashes a victory is just what they needed.

If Le Mans wasn’t enough, Sunday was probably the most entertaining Formula 1 race of the season. Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel was finally put in his place, after he couldn’t handle the pressure of McLaren’s Jenson Button. Halfway through the last lap, Button went on to pass Vettel for an amazing win at the Canadian Grand Prix. McLaren is my favorite Formula 1 team and I’m so stoked for their win and Jenson Button’s podium, for the second race in a row. Vettel is no doubt the darling of Formula 1 right now (he’s earned it), but it’s been so boring seeing the same driver win week after week. A change was much needed. Now if only Lewis Hamilton could get back on his game again.

Photo courtesy of Sutton Images.


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