Performance Minded GC8

One of my favorite things about A Class is that it gives me the opportunity to meet new people. Yesterday, Brandon e-mailed me some pictures of his 1999 GC8 Impreza.

What I appreciate most about this car, is the attention to performance. Brandon has focused on making his car quick with an ’04 EJ20 swap and a TD05 18G turbocharger.

The daily driven GC8 is putting down around 297whp and was tuned at COBB Tuning Plano. Considering this car is making about 50whp more than my WRX, I’d say it was pretty quick!

Brandon is currently serving in Iraq and I wish him a safe return home. Hopefully there is a lot more to come for this car! In the meantime, here’s his GC8 on the dyno at COBB Tuning Plano. You’ve got to love that external wastegate!

Photos courtesy of Brandon Carrender.


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