Battery Upgrade

The WRX has been in need of a decent battery for a while now. The Autolite I had on the car was leaking and starting to create a big mess.

I decided to do things right this time and went with Braille’s B2317R. I’ve heard nothing but good things about their products and after talking with Dan at Braille USA, I decided to order one.

Braille offers a wide range of batteries, primarily for motor sports applications. I was looking for something as light as possible, that would also be reliable in a daily driven car.

The B2317R weighs just 17 lbs and is a little over 6 inches tall. It easily fits in one hand (kind of amazing really). It’s a massive improvement over the Autolite I was previously using.

I’m still considering relocating it to the trunk and because it’s a dry cell battery, there’s no possibility of leaks or dangerous fumes entering the car. It can also be mounted in any direction.

For now, I’ll just be setting it up in the engine bay with Braille’s adjustable mount.

I know it seems silly to be so excited about a car battery. Every little bit counts though. So much in fact, that relocating a car’s battery to the trunk can adjust the weight distribution to the equivalent of moving the engine back 2-3 inches. Mike Kojima of MotoIQ wrote a great article on battery relocation last December. I would highly recommend reading it if you’re at all interested in upgrading your battery or relocating it to the trunk or inside the car.

A big thanks to Dan at Braille USA for his great help and hooking me up with a nice little discount on my order!



  1. Did you already install it? If not, can you do a size comparison photo, please? I’m curious how big it is.

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