Braille Battery Update

Just a bit of an update on the Braille battery I picked up last week. Earlier today I had a chance to install it on the WRX.

The difference in size between the B2317R and the Autolite is pretty big. I haven’t weighed the Autolite, but I’d say it’s at least 2 times as heavy.

My engine bay needs a good clean now, it’s pretty filthy.

The j-hooks would be a good mounting solution for a larger battery. In this case, they do the job, but not as well as I’d like. No doubt the battery is secure but there is a small amount of play. I think a battery box will be better for the job. I’m probably going to design a custom one that can work in either the engine bay or trunk, if I decide to relocate it.

In the meantime, I’m still very satisfied with the upgrade. The quality of all the materials is top notch, including the adjustable tie-down bracket. The car fired right up too! More updates to come, once I get started on the box design.



  1. Thanks for the comparison pictures, Chris! I’d love to ditch the concrete block in my engine bay sometime. haha

  2. Cool stuff… I always wondered about Braille.. My car eats batteries though so I’ve stuck it out with a Red Top

  3. Mount it sideways, had my Oddyssey and my AMS like that for years… back to the concrete block though, I’m not using the car that much and the smaller batteries can’t take days of no activity…

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