Spreading Like A Virus

Why? Well, I know why. But seriously, why?! Seibon is slowly infiltrating the Japanese market; from big guns like HKS Kansai, to smaller shops like Fujimura Auto (above).

Don’t be fooled by the corporate veil and annual meets, covered on Speedhunters. This company was founded on steeling other people’s hard work. It’s only now that they have gained enough support (and money) to produce their “own” designs. It’s a shame, you can thank Rays Engineering for this.

Photo courtesy of Fujimura Auto.



  1. Seibon may have been founded on producing knockoffs, but don’t you think that if they use those profits to develop and sell something really innovative, that like a criminal “going legit” they could work their way up to becoming a respectable organization? I’m not saying we should all go out and buy their knockoffs in hopes of getting something new and original down the line, just wondering if you think its possible.

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