Shaved & Tucked

I used to want this in my life. These days, I don’t really care.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful piece of work. It’s shaved and tucked to perfection. I might add, doing this on a Subaru EJ is no easy feat.



  1. Yeah, I feel the same way. Looks neat, but unless you have a dedicated show or track car, it’s pointless. Most people don’t have the desire, let alone the money, to build either anyway.

    1. I see what you mean about the show car aspect, but even most track cars won’t go to the trouble. As pretty as the shaved/tucked engine bay may look, it’s got to be hell to work on. Any kind of wiring access is next to impossible.

      But I’m just being nerdy and nit picky LOL!

      1. Well, I didn’t mean that track car engine bays are tucked and shaved like show cars, but that almost all are completely stripped of all creature comforts and conveniences. But yeah…looks cool on other people’s cars and fun to drool over and dream about, but not practical for us regular folk that don’t have deep pockets or are just lazy. I wouldn’t wanna have to take my bumper and/or fenders off every time I need to do something. Plus, it’s just asking for more things to go wrong since it’s not in the safe confines of a semi-sealed engine bay. Also, I’d OCD like crazy trying to keep that ish clean. No thanks, hahaha.

  2. Yeah no kidding… Subaru engines just aren’t easy to get clean looking. I bought a few dress up items, but as soon as I got the quote for some of the stuff going on in this engine bay screw that. Money better spent on an ugly looking but equally nice performing engine swap. I’ll just keep my hood closed. 😛

  3. whilst i agreenwith both of you on this i have recently undertaken this and to date i have spent no money! wire tucking itself is quite simple and not as difficult on an ej20 as most would think either, you can live without air con, abs etc car has windows and years ago abs etc wasnt even around. So far spent two hours and relocated washer bottle fuse box and battery tucked the passenger side loom and lights and relocated horns, its quite enjoyable and alot can be done without taking the car off the road too

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