Sorry Champ, Not Today

Call it how you like: pit stop error, team orders, whatever it may be. Sebastian Vettel wasn’t able to secure a win today at the British Grand Prix.

I’m over this Red Bullshit. I sat in front of my TV last year as Christian Horner said, there would be no team orders for Red Bull. So then what did I just witness this morning when Mark Webber, who was clearly faster, was told to “hold the gap”? Seems as though the boys over at Red Bull are becoming increasingly over protective of their prodigal son.

Today’s events sent a grim message that Mark Webber is the number two man on the team and that’s never going to change. Webber, clearly pissed during the post-race press conference, had some curt words for Speed’s Will Buxton when asked about Christian Horner’s 2010 team orders proclamation.

“I think they were used last year, mate.”

I’m willing to bet today has further encouraged a parting of the ways between Red Bull and Webber, who’s contract is up at the end of this season.

McLaren continued their train wreck today with Jenson Button out of the race due to an unsecured right, front wheel and Lewis Hamilton was in danger of running out of fuel. The team will also be fined for an unsafe pit stop during the Jenson Button mishap. This is a team that really needs to get it together. It seems like less and less, the driver’s problems and instead everything else. It should be a very interesting race at the Nürburgring in 2 weeks.


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