Fire Starter

A few months ago, I accepted something. I accepted the fact that I will probably never own an R34 GT-R. It is my dream car and if given the opportunity, I’d choose it over anything else. But for as long as I’d like to live in this miserable country, there will be no way I can do it. See owning one as a dedicated track car isn’t good enough for me. I want to drive it on the street, bring it to work and run errands in it. I want the full experience of owning a Skyline, whether it be good or bad.

That’s never going to happen, especially in California, a state that’s becoming increasingly car unfriendly. So I decided to accept my fate and focus on cars I could own and enjoy, like my Subaru and a list of others, I could potentially own in the future. But then something bad happened the other day.

I was on Farm of Minds and I came across a video that ruined everything.

I’d like anyone that thinks imports are “Mickey Mouse” to watch that. That car is scary and I love it.

Obsession never dies. Dammit.



  1. Been there, done that. Not all it’s cracked up to be. Feel better ? Lol! Love you Chris !

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