The 00’s

This is what Subarus used to look like about 8 years ago.

The tuning philosophy was very different back then. It was about building a complete car, nothing was overlooked. People used to rock stickers then too, but they weren’t for blogs, wheel fitment sites and streetwear brands. The Evo VIII had (maybe) just arrived in the US and the Impreza was king.

In all seriousness, if you took the stickers off this WRX, it would still look very good, even by today’s standards. I dig this car a lot.



  1. Yeah sucks – started out an authentic original Zerosports design for the bugeye and now you see them for 10 bucks at Pep Boys for “any car” in chrome.

    I used to see this car in person all the time in my area back in the day since like summer ’02. Can’t deny that the car looked good…………..

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