Legacy Twins

The Impreza is definitely the attention whore of the Subaru family, but what about the more mature, older brother? Everyone forgets about the Legacy, when discussing Subarus. The Legacy GT is running the same EJ25 as the STi and more than capable of putting down big power.

Photographer and STi owner Luis, seems to have a knack for tracking down the cleanest Subarus in SoCal. He’s shot many of the best including these awesome Legacy wagons.

The Legacy has more of a European look, which lends itself perfectly to a set of BBS LM’s.

Another seriously clean build, this one definitely has more of that JDM look than the previous wagon. The Blitz Technospeed Z1’s and K2 Gear front grill, help to set this car off. The giant intercooler also helps.

Just because the Legacy is the slightly larger, more refined older brother of the Impreza, by no means makes it boring. This car would be an ideal daily driver or a well endowed project car.

Photos courtesy of Luis.


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