The Quintessential Impreza

I’m not going to bother going into the specifics of why this car is great. You should just know by looking at it.

This is really the quintessential Subaru Impreza. It’s a GC8, which most people still consider to be the best Impreza chassis of them all. It has a 22b kit (sans wing), which most people still consider to be the best Impreza variant ever produced. It’s World Rally Blue on gold wheels, which most people consider to be the most essential color combination on a Subaru.

I guess I’ve just explained why this car exemplifies perfection. I’m also 90% sure it drove by me in LA, last week.



  1. Good god. I saw this a little while ago and it has been haunting my dreams ever since. Couple that by the fact that I have some 9.5″ GT-R faced O.G. Advan RG’s sitting on a shelf next to me (think JUN hyperlemon bug eye) and it makes the perfect GC in my opinion. I’m still just wrestling with the idea of bonding fiberglass on perfectly good steel quarter panels.

  2. Ha… they’re actually not mine. Yet 😉 They’re actually Trey’s for one of his projects but they’ve just been collecting dust for a few years now…. or shall I say they’re aging like fine wine lol. I think he picked them up from RB motoring (or VR wheels) a while back.

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