Formula 1 Recap

Lets just take a minute to admire a thing of beauty.

Formula 1 is on “holiday” for the next 3 weeks and I must say, things have really turned around lately. Who would’ve of thought that we’d see Vettel loose his edge and McLaren make a midseason comeback? Lewis Hamilton drove exceptionally well at the Nürburgring, 2 weeks ago and probably would’ve won in Hungary if it weren’t for a terrible decision on tires.

Sometimes I wonder what’s going on at McLaren. All the elements never seem to be in sync. It’s always something; the drivers, the cars or stupid mistakes made by the pit crew. A bad call is what buried Hamilton on Sunday when he was instructed to pit for intermediate tires, only to use them for 1 lap and come back in for a set of primes. While exiting the pits after the second stop, he was penalized with speeding. That was the end of Hamilton’s race, one which he had lead up until the mistakes made by his team.As a result, things worked out very well for Jenson Button. The McLaren driver won the Grand Prix of Hungrary, also his 200th race. I’m very happy for Button and I’m glad he was able to bring it on such an important weekend for himself and the team.

It’s tough not winning, especially at your home grand prix. Sebastian Vettel’s winning streak may be over (for now). What we’re seeing is that Vettel, though he may be a good driver, relied heavily on Red Bull having the fastest car in the sport. Now the other teams are beginning to catch up. McLaren have worked out their issues with the blown diffuser and Ferrari are getting faster by the week. The big 3 are starting to even out, making the racing much more exciting and exploiting the true skills of the drivers.

I expect Vettel to come back from holiday refreshed. I also expect him to win more races this season. But I think it’s important to recognize what a big role the RB7 has had in his success thus far. Now it’s up to the McLaren boys to ride that wave of success and newfound confidence into the second half of the season. If McLaren and Ferrari can keep bringing the fight to Red Bull, we will have some very exciting races to watch through November.


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