Mature GC8

Here’s a car you never see anymore, the Mature GC8 Impreza.

I’ve always liked this car a lot.  The Mature GC8 is a little over the top by today’s standards, but that’s kind of why this car is appealing. Most tuning shops aren’t even building demo cars like this anymore.

When it comes to the GC8 and exterior styling, I’m all about OEM. But as far as aftermarket kits go, Mature produces one of the best. Their front and rear bumpers look particularly good on this car. I’m not really feeling those RacingHart wheels though.

Photos courtesy of Nihon Car & Bike.



  1. All cars, not just demo cars, are too plain these days. As much as I like the OEM+ styling, the scene needs to be counterbalanced by cars with loud, in-your-face colors & graphics and extreme aero mods. Variety is good.

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