Burnout STi

This STi is something of a mystery. The pictures are from Hyper Meeting, way back in 2006. I’ve been scouring the web tonight, trying to find the origins of this car.

I’m about 80% sure this is a shop car and not privately owned. On my external it’s titled Burnout STi, probably because I couldn’t make out what it actually said on the windshield vinyl.

Despite this being a rubbish post and my non-existent knowledge of the car, it looks great! The ride height is spot on and I’m loving the polished wheels on black. The white pin stripe down the side is a bit worrisome, but that’s an easy fix. Overall, a very good looking STi that would hold up well, even by today’s fucked up standards.

UPDATE: This morning John from Garage Spec confirmed the car is indeed the Burnout STi. I tracked down their website and you can learn more about the KD-IX areo here. The more I look at this kit, the more I like it. If someone in the states is looking to do something totally different and has the money, I would highly suggest considering Burnout’s KD-IX aero.

Photos courtesy of Paul Hansen.



  1. yup, full kit from burnout. I have been trying for the longest time to get someone in the US to get this kit, but no one wanted to put down $$$ for it.

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