Pandora’s Box

Imagine for a second, that you’re walking towards your garage, preparing to embark on the morning commute. You could go through the motions in your sleep, it’s become such a routine. But imagine you were to open your garage to this sight? You’ll probably be calling in sick today.

You’re looking at the supposed garage of David Clark, the former sales director of McLaren. Shockingly drab and unassuming, the garage houses not one, but two of the world’s rarest, most valuable cars.

Sitting in the back, is the #6 McLaren F1 GTR. This car started life as an endurance racer with 4 wins under it’s belt. It also placed 3rd in it’s class, in the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans and 6th, the following year. The GTR has since been converted for road use and is spending it’s retirement doing car show appearances. Only 9 McLaren F1 GTR’s were ever produced.

Up front is something even more exciting, the McLaren F1 LM. Only 6 LM’s were ever produced and many collectors project this car to be worth, at least $4 million. More likely, the car is worth in excess of $6 million and many have predicted that someday, the McLaren F1 LM will be the most valuable street car ever produced. I can’t confirm that the LM is also owned by Clark, but wouldn’t it be something?

The McLaren F1 LM is the ultimate version, of the ultimate supercar. If I could choose to own just one supercar , it would be the LM without a doubt. This car isn’t fussy about it’s interior styling or computer aided suspension, it’s just raw. It’s a track car that was cut loose from it’s controlled environment and allowed to roam the streets. Going fast is it’s only concern. The LM just oozes racing from every surface: the obscene rear wing, center locking OZ wheels and bright orange paint. The transmission whine is so loud that Tiff Needell had to wear a headset while test driving it. This is a car for only the most serious enthusiasts, the McLaren for people who don’t think the standard F1 can cut it.

A big thanks to my friend Mike, for all the details on the cars.


One comment

  1. Sorry to burst the bubble here, but the orange F1 in this photo is not an F1 LM. This is another F1 GTR – specifically #16R. Look very closely at the right side of the windscreen banner and you can see the ‘GTR’ script logo. Also if you compare the bonnet vent on this car with that of a real F1 LM, you will see there is a slight difference. If there were more angles visible than just this photograph there are other details of the car which would also prove it is not an LM. GTR #16R is also converted for road use and Mr Clark was never the owner of this car.

    To correct another detail of your story, McLaren Cars produced a total of 28 F1 GTRs over a three year period. The first 9 were built in 1995, then 9 more were built in 1996, and the final 10 were the longtail versions which were built in 1997.


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