McLaren Comparison: F1 LM vs. MP4-12C

This could be the worst comparison video known to man. It’s essentially one enormous build up. The subjects are both so rare and expensive, that a proper driving comparison would never be possible, for fear of damaging either car.

The only reason I’m posting this video is because I was discussing the McLaren F1 last night. It’s very interesting to see the new MP4-12C, stood next to the original F1 LM. I still think the F1 LM eclipses the new one in both looks and soul. Besides, MP4-12C is a ridiculous name for a production car. Who’s going to remember it? A name like that should be reserved for Formula 1 chassises exclusively.

Video courtesy of Autocar.


One comment

  1. Much like my comment in your other blog posting, this is not an F1 LM featured in this video. This is another F1 GTR – this time #14R – which Steve Suttcliff properly identifies as such at the :49 mark in the video. GTR #14R is another F1 GTR that has been converted for road use.

    There are a total of 5 F1 GTRs known to have been resprayed in Papaya Orange giving them the look that confuses many into thinking they are seeing an F1 LM. The others are #07R, #08R, #11R and #16R seen on your other post.


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