Daily Driver

Apart from a few, brief stints, I’ve daily driven my Subaru since 2005. While I’ve done everything I could to keep the car looking good, driving on California roads has not been kind to it. The car hasn’t been up to my standards for years now and needs a lot of work. But until it’s retired from daily driving duties, I don’t want to invest the money to fix it.

Which car would be my ideal daily driver? It would have to be something powerful from the factory, yet comfortable and refined. It would preferably be European, since I’ve already got the Japanese thing covered. I’ve lusted over owning an M3 for years, but I’m afraid I would mod it and then I’d have a second car to place on the mantel. I just can’t help myself; I see a car, I see what can be improved. I never look at one for what it is. I guess that’s something all car guys do.

At this moment, I’d have to say the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is what I see myself in. That’s not to say it’s a better car than the M3. Even though Mercedes would tell you the C63 is their answer to BMW’s ultimate driving machine, it just isn’t. The C63 is German muscle, in it’s most eloquent form. It’s a bulldog on the streets, a terrorizer that loves to slide around and make a lot of noise doing it. The M3 on the other hand, is more refined, a precision tool at home on the track.

Naturally, the M3 is more appealing to me. I prefer it’s looks and it’s handling. But I also see it the way I see other cars, not as it is, but “better”. I see it with a VRS front lip, BBS LM’s and an Eisenmann exhaust. The C63 appeals to me because I know I’d leave it alone. I like the Mercedes in it’s factory form, so there would be less of a desire to mod it. It’s more exclusive than the M3 to boot. I see E46’s and E92’s on a daily basis, I’m lucky if a see a C63 in a month’s time.

You’re probably thinking “that’s because the M3 is the better car”. You may be right, but better how? Better in terms of a spec sheet, or better in terms of how big the smile it puts on your face? Subaru and Mitsubishi guys have been going at it for years, which is better? They’re both better for whoever happens to own either. It’s as simple as that.

The C63 is also Formula 1’s official medical car.

That’s engine sound, not a specially tuned exhaust. The V8 of the C63 is louder than the SLS AMG safety car. It also looks astonishingly good as a wagon, but I digress.

I could keep this comparison going all day long, but it’s just down to an opinion. A few things are for sure though. BMW’s are becomming more technology packed than ever (good or bad), they’ve also gotten heavier in recent years (so have all cars) and many aren’t thrilled about their conversion to forced induction. While none of these may be considerations to you, consider this; the competition has gotten a lot better over the years.

Photos courtesy of JSitthi.



  1. Great thread. Nice choice. Any MB car is out of my league though. I always seem to think budget cars. I too drive a 2002 WRX on the daily grind. She’s got 138,500 miles now. At my current rate, I’ll be at 200k in about 3 years. Ouch! My daily would have certain requirements, good mpg, back seat for the kids, cheaper, some aftermarket. So, the cars I’m digging right now as a daily would be the new Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ, Mazda 2/Ford Fiesta, even the Focus ST on the horizon. Whatever car I got, I’d wanna lower it, do intake and exhaust (better mpg right?!) and some wheels and tires. I don’t think I could leave a car alone. Even if I got an M3 or a Mustang GT 5.0 cammer, I’d still w anna lower it, exhaust and wheels/tires. 😉 Car guys! Whatchya gonna do, eh?

  2. Daily drivers/second cars/next cars… my favorite topic…

    For me a future daily needs to be a truck, I’ve never had one before and I’ve always wanted one, the Toyota Tacoma is on the top of my list… But what I’d really love to drop some cash on later on (apart of a E92 M3) would be a Lotus Exige…

    Nice choice on the MB though…

  3. The C63 is a beast, and it is impossible to get over the sound of that engine. The 6.2 is all muscle. There is one other car to consider. The Lexus IS-F packs quite a punch too. It sounds incredible at WOT.

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