I passed smog this morning. I guess there was still some good luck leftover from my birthday yesterday.

I brought my car in Saturday to be tested. It passed emissions with flying colors, but failed visual. I decided to leave my headers on and the tech saw them (not sure how). That began the interrogation and proceeding lecture about CARB legal parts. Apparently he used to own an STi and knew exactly what to look for. I was called a liar, charged $50 and told to get retested.

Fast-forward to this morning. The OEM headers are back on the car, brought it into a different shop and passed everything just fine. After 7 years of living in California, I still can’t understand the point of emissions testing. It seems like an excuse for the state to collect more money, which it so desperately needs.

I’ll save that rant for another day.



  1. I really do think its a money maker for all states that do it. Living in Utah, they make us test every year since there’s less people in Utah than in Orange County, CA. haha It is nice when you buy a brand new car, you’re exempt for like 4-5 years. I think it makes more functional sense to test more like every 5 years. All the smog equipment is fine for the millions of cars out there. There should be a clause to remove it for enthusiasts. I mean, 99.9% of car owners think their car is a microwave oven on wheels, an travel appliance. The other .009% who think they like cars put wheels and tires on it, leaving the other .001% of car enthusiasts who modify or would like to modify their cars, thus messing with catalytic converters and smog pumps really aren’t hurting anything. But, that’s a pipe dream no doubt.

  2. smog checks are really aimed to ensure people are maintaining their cars. for enthusiasts like us its certainly not an issue. especially if you are passing the emissions portion. but for the unwashed masses, no one really likes to take care of their cars and fail miserably every time. as for the state making money, they really just see the 8.25 for the certificates. the price of the smog is subject to the shop really. just a little bit to think about. happy belated birthday to you as well.

  3. Here in Puerto Rico smog tests are a joke… Visual inspections dnt even exist anymore… We do “have” to smog test our cars every year but for some reason (make that 22 reasons) I have never had my WRX tested and yet I drive it legally to and from work everyday… Did I mentioned that I don’t have a single cat on my car?
    Yep, smog tests/inspections are useless… wish I’d still live in Florida, that was a real free-for-all…

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