Lasting Impressions

There are certain cars you always remember. Something about them forever resonates.

This GDA left an impression on me years ago. The sheer lunacy of that ZERO/SPORTS body kit, would turn the heads on many.

The car is styled in the classic Subaru color scheme with a twist; the paint is Nissan Bayside Blue. It’s appearance takes an equally traditional approach to JDM time attack cars, paying a particular homage to ZERO/SPORTS and their BTZ201 demo car.

Everything about this car oozes style. Even the wheel fitment was ahead of it’s time, considering these photos are around 5-years-old.

I recall this car being sold a while back, but I could be wrong. The owner was/is BurtonCR and it’s been years since I’ve seen or heard any updates on it. My hope is that it’s still in the proper hands, unchanged.

One of the great things about doing this blog is that I usually end up hearing from the owners after I post their cars. I had an awesome chat with Nasif about his Subaru (RIP) and Down In Flames, which he was very stoked about. I’m also working with Paulie, who’s become a good friend, on something big in the coming weeks/months. So despite my recent moonlighting as a crappy Formula 1 analyst, things are very much business as usual.

Photos courtesy of BurtonCR.


One comment

  1. Chris. that car belongs to a good friend of mine in Dallas. Oddly enough, his name is Chris also, ha ha. I can tell you that he still has the car and it’s just sitting for the moment. The last time I asked him about it he said he was going to sell it, but I couldn’t tell you when. He has some other cool rides now to play with, like a M5, a FD w/LS1 swap, and last but not least, a 240 with a real JDM SR20 Turbo motor under the hood. Needless to say he’s been pretty busy, lol.

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