Mystery Lip Revealed

I’ve spent the better part of a week, scouring the Japanese internet for some clues behind that Subaru front lip. I’ve come up empty handed on the back of every search and it seems as if the thing doesn’t actually exist.

Yesterday my buddy John from Bugeye Garage hit me up with some photos of the culprit.

This could be our match. It looks virtually the same as the one in the Up Garage photo, but this clearly isn’t a bugeye.

There are still an issue though. We have no idea who actually makes this front lip; it could be Subaru, it could be aftermarket. I went up and down the JDM STi parts catalogue last night and couldn’t find this piece anywhere. There is the possibility that it’s just Subaru OEM and not an STi product, but I’m doubtful. There’s also the fact that the package was labeled for a GDA Impreza, when clearly that’s not the case. Japan does however have their own, insanely complicated system of classifying Impreza chassis, so I could be the one who’s mistaken.

I suppose the hunt is still on, sort of. It’s great to see the lip on an actual car and I must say, it looks really clean. I’d definitely jump at the chance to order it, if I drove a hawkeye. I bet it would look great with a V-Limited fitted on as well.

The photos of the STi came from a track day at Koda Circuit and here’s a few extras John sent over.

I need this.

Bugeye Garage is celebrating it’s one year anniversary, congrats John and keep up the great work!


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